Night Swimming at Public Swimming Pool

Singapore has good swimming complexes by region.

All pools are open-air, and the entrance fee is low.

$2.20 on weekdays and $3.30 on weekends for adults at most of public pools.


I used to swim during night at Toa Payoh swimming complex.

As shown in the picture, public pools have 50m olympic-size pool.

It feels really great when I swim in the night, breathing with night air coupled with star gazing or when it rains so that I can swim in the raindrops.

Ban Mian

Ban Mian

Originated from Hakka Chinese.

In the clear broth, there is a widely kneaded noodle made of eggs which is similar to Korean Kal-guksu.

Put vegetables, minced meat, eggs in the soup and decorate with salty anchovies, that’s it.

Sometimes shrimp or mushrooms are included.


The photo was taken at a restaurant on the 5th floor of City Plaza near Paya Lebar MRT station.

It is one of the best Ban Mian restaurant in Singapore.



Pajeon? or Pancake? from Middle East, which can be easily seen at Indian restaurants in Singapore.

Mutton, eggs and onions in the pancake, somewhat delicious if served with curry dipping sauce.

The picture was taken at an Indian stall inside Kopitiam in Yew Tee MRT station.