Teddy Bear at Midnight

The other day, when I was still living in Bishan, I was trudging toward my house during the night.

As I entered the apartment complex and was about to step into the lift, I saw some shapes like a human in front of me as it hung on the railing.

‘Why was a little child hanging over there in the middle of the night?’, I was thinking and slowly approached it.


Then was the white teddy bear hanging like this?!

My head stopped working for nearly three seconds, and I tried to sort it out.


The teddy bear would not crawl up by himself, please.

Someone must have put it up to surprise naive neighbours like me.

The white bear was staring at me and so was I.

Bishan Public Library

Bishan Public Library

From Bishan MRT, pass Junction 8, you can find it just on the right.

The four-story building opened in September 2006.

The library was honored to be ranked 7th among the world’s most beautiful libraries by CNN Travel.


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun: 10.00am – 9.00pm