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Choa Chu Kang Cemetery, Singapore

CCK Cemetery, located in the Choa Chu Kang district of western Singapore.

At the entrance there is a guide sign indicating Track 14, therefore the cemetery is also known as Track 14 cemetery.

It is the largest cemetery in Singapore and the only burial site in the country.


What made me come to this spooky place?

Well… one boring afternoon, I phoned my friend, Miss S


“Hey, whatsss up? I found out there is an interesting activity called the Spooky Walk organised by SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators). Would you like to join with me just for fun?”

“Ahhh? Spooky Walk? Let me think…”

“Come on, no need think lah~ It must be a lot of fun!”

“Ayo… Alright, I will join with you but the dinner will be on you, okay?”

“Sure, let’s get it!”


The Spooky Walk was guided by Uncle Chua, who is holding a bunch of papers in the picture.


This place seemed to be a place to perform ancestral rituals, but quite spooky and gloomy.


This is the place that I found the largest number of mosquitoes in the island, where it is normally hard to find one.

If you stand still for three seconds, at least five mosquitoes stick to your arms and legs.

The repellent spray is a must, but the mosquitoes are still running even if we use spray, yet it is still better than nothing.