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Chicken Hotpot, Singapore

Chicken Hotpot has four chain stores in Singapore.


The origin of the Chicken Hotpot came from Wujiang Road, Shanghai.


Chicken Hotpot

When you hear the name ‘chicken hotpot’, you should not think it is similar to normal ‘hotpot’, ‘huoguo’ or ‘steamboat’.

The secret sauce from the chef produces different soup taste.

We can choose the spiciness of the broth, but I always stick to ‘Spicy’ one.

After you eat all the chicken and vegetables served in the pot, add more soup and more ingredients as you like.

Of course, on top of the basic setting, additional ingredients will be charged according to the dish colours.


Spicy Shrimp

When you order a couple set meal, spicy shrimp comes out with a chicken hotpot.

There are six fried shrimp on top of french fries, which is a bit odd.

Below the fried potatoes, there is a sour and spicy broth that shows the traces of ‘Tom Yum’.

When this dish comes on the table, eat french fries as quickly as possible, otherwise it becomes damp and the texture will be not very good.

All food comes fully-cooked, so you just eat as it is served.

And if you cannot eat coriander, just ask waiters not to put them on the dishes.