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HSBC TreeTop Walk, MacRitchie

TreeTop Walk, a canopy walkway inside MacRitchie Reservoir.

It is 250m in length, and the highest point is 25m.


There are two ways to get to TreeTop Walk.

First, depart from MacRitchie Resorvoir Park – 4km

Second, depart from Venus Entrance – 2.5km


I decided to start by choosing Venus Entrance, which is shorter in length.


To get to Venus Entrance, take bus number 410 from Bishan Bus Interchange, take 8 stops and alight at Blk 454 Sin Ming Avenue. Walk 150m to the same direction as bus headed, and continue to walk through the parking lot at Venus Drive, you can get to Venus Entrance.

You can reach the TreeTop Walk by walking about 2.5km from here.


It is only one-way so just follow along well without getting lost.


There is information about the Singapore forests, so just take a rest and have a look.


When this place comes out, go down the stairs.


It is the entrance of TreeTop Walk.

One thing to note here is that the bridge is only one-way, so once you enter, you cannot come back from the other side.

Therefore, you have to descend along a different tracking route.

In addition, you will not be able to enter the bridge after 5 pm.


The length of 250m is truly long that I can hardly see the other end.


Looking down from the bridge, the tall rainforest trees stood against the sky.


Sometimes these monkeys appear on the roadside, but do not feed them.

Also, it is better not to get too close to them because there are cases of their attacks.