Sushi Tei

Visiting sushi house in Singapore

Today, let’s take a look at Sushi Tei in Paragon, a shopping mall in Orchard road.


People wait in line for lunch on weekends.


Paragon store is good because it is spacious and has plenty of seating.

Like other Japanese restaurants, you can also sit in the counter seats.


Try to order Unagi, Zaru Soba and one of the various sushi sets.

Although the price is not cheap, you can get away from the usual oily food in Singapore.

Whenever I want to eat light food, I tend to visit a sushi house.

Mei Guan Yuan (美觀園), Taipei

A Japanese-style restaurant boasting a long history at Ximending, Taipei

Here you can see the old people who were born and raised in Taipei, recalling the past and enjoying a memorable Bento (Lunch Box).


When I come here, I start with a Taiwan-origin draft beer.

This place has been well known for its draft beer for a long time.


These are sushi that is commonly found in Taiwan, with localised taste and has become traditional breakfast for local people.

The plate is somewhat cutish 🙂


The assorted sashimi is sliced into thick pieces.

Add some wasabi and dip it in the soy sauce, then you can enjoy the texture with your mouth full.


The sashimi rice came out! Let’s fill our stomach.


If you order assorted tempura, that would be a perfect friend for beer or sake.