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Durian Shop in Singapore

Durian can be easily seen in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore.

Of course, because of its nasty smell, many people from other region wouldn’t want to try so-called “King of fruits”

It took more than two years for me to accept its existence, now it has become one of my favourite fruits.

You can see many Durian stores when you pass the street.


There are two ways to buy Durian.

One is just to choose among those flesh of fruits without peels and wrapped in containers, and the other is to pick a full-bodied and peel it off and put it in a container on the spot.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, there is a drawback in that it is not so fresh when it is already peeled off, although there is an advantage that it is possible to purchase them by seeing the condition of its flesh.

On the other hand, it is the best in terms of freshness when buying the whole and removing its peels on the spot, however it has a disadvantage that we never know whether it is tasty or not until we actually take its clothes off.