Amazing Health Benefits of Shiitake Mushroom

The health food ingredient that I am introducing today is shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms belong to the Pleurotaceae family and have a nice aroma and taste. Let’s learn about shiitake mushrooms, which can be eaten raw or can be a natural seasoning if used as powder.

Shiitake mushrooms grow parasitic on dead trees such as chestnut and oak trees. In particular, mushrooms are commonly eaten in Korea, China, and Japan, and some grow naturally, but most of them are grown and used by human. Unlike other mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms produce amino acids during drying, which increases their marketability.

Efficacy of Shiitake Mushrooms

Then let’s look at the effects and efficacy of shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms are health-promoting foods, especially as they have recently been discovered to contain anticancer substances that suppress blood pressure rise. The anticancer substance contained in shiitake mushrooms is called lentinan, and thanks to this ingredient, it was included in the top 10 anticancer foods selected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2004.

It also contains a lot of fiber, which helps prevent colorectal cancer, is effective in preventing constipation and diabetes, and prevents obesity and lowers blood pressure. In addition, shiitake mushrooms have been proven to contain ingredients to prevent influenza virus infection, so there is a record of drinking tea since ancient times to prevent colds. It is said that drinking shiitake mushrooms tea is also good for kidney disease and gallstones.

A nucleic acid derivative called erythadenin in shiitake mushrooms has the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure by raising good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol. In 2007, the American Heart Association selected top 10 foods that were effective in preventing hypertension, and shiitake mushrooms was selected in the list.

How to Pick

When choosing shiitake mushrooms, you should look at the size and thickness of the cap and distinguish them. It is considered good that the cap is not bloomed, the thick one, and the low moisture content. Since the harvest before the cap widely opens is considered the best product, if you choose that the cap is clear and non-wrinkled among the ones that are not widely opened, the raw shiitake mushroom, that is consistent in size and more than 1.5cm thick is considered good.

The white cap is better because the black cap means there are many cases of wounds. If you soak dried shiitake mushrooms in water to soften them again, they have high delicious ingredients, so use them as broth. The broth also has the scent of soil, so wash the raw shiitake mushrooms lightly under running water or wipe them with a wet towel to prevent damage to the inside. When you soak dried shiitake mushrooms in water and use them, instead of boiling them for too long, you can soak them faster if you put a little sugar in water and the savory ingredients do not run away.

How to Store

When storing shiitake mushrooms, seal them as much as possible to maintain moisture. It can be refrigerated for about 3 days, but it is recommended to store it in small portions when storing longer than that.

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