The Secret of the Nutrients We Eat Everyday

The health information I will introduce today is about nutrients.




Nutrients are ingredients that act nutritionally in the body that make our body, provide energy, and regulate the body’s biological function. Let’s find out what functions and roles of these nutrients are and what nutrients are essential to our body.

All the food we eat plays an important role in some of the health stages. Essential nutrients that keep us healthy include three major nutrients of carbohydrate protein fat, vitamin minerals, and water.

In fact, about 50 nutrients have been found so far to help people grow properly during their growth and maintain mental and physical health throughout their lives. The six major nutrients are the re-classification and binding of many of these nutrients according to their structure, properties, and function.

People sometimes think that special foods with certain great ingredients improve their health, but the most important thing is to consistently consume enough nutrients evenly. On the contrary, digging wild ginseng and eating it while not drinking much water does not mean that one will live forever.

Functions of Six Major Nutrients

Then let’s find out what functions and roles these six major nutrients play to make us alive.

First, it constitutes the body. Our body is made up of very small units of cells. All body parts and organs that make up the body need high-quality nutrients continuously for healthy condition. In life, our cells age and die, but it is this nutrient that our body produces that many new cells. This is why nutrients are also closely related to aging.

Second, it supplies energy. Among nutrients, carbohydrate protein fat generates heat in our bodies, so we often call it calories. Carbohydrate proteins generate 4 kilograms of calories each and 9 kilograms of fat. This energy is mostly active energy and thermal energy to maintain body temperature. In addition, some of them become electrical energy and convert into brain and neuromuscular vision, so they are essential to our body.

Third, control physiological function. Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals mainly allow various functions of our bodies to work smoothly. Or it serves as an aid to properly absorb other nutrients that are caloric. If something is lacking, it means that the body’s function will not work normally or you will get sick.

Composition of Six Major Nutrients

Let’s take a quick look at each nutrient. First, carbohydrates. Carbohydrates account for 60 percent of the total calories we get from meals and are key nutrients in our energy supply. In fact, most of the dishes made by humans are to enjoy carbohydrates.

Next is protein. Proteins, unlike carbohydrates and fats, are not used immediately to generate energy in the body, but they make or transport essential substances in the body and become components of tissues such as bones and muscles.

Third, it’s fat. Fat is oil, so to speak. It is mainly used as an energy source along with carbohydrates and is also used to control temporary energy or body temperature through body fat accumulation. It also helps absorb other nutrients such as fat-soluble vitamins.

Next is minerals. Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are inorganic components of living things except for the three elements that make up all living things and are also called minerals. It doesn’t need a lot, but it’s an indispensable ingredient for the body.

Fifth is vitamins. Vitamins are substances that the body needs to function. It makes it possible for cells to not do it on their own and does not provide direct energy, but it is essential for other nutrients to generate energy.

The last nutrient is water. Water is the most important substance in maintaining a person’s life. In other words, water is moisture, which is the basic component of all tissues and accounts for almost two-thirds of the body’s components. This is why drinking a lot of water is a basic health habit.

So far, we’ve learned about basic nutrients. If you would like to learn more about healthy life, please read other postings in my blog.

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