Top 7 Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

Today, we will learn about the relationship between beer and health.



First of all, beer has health warnings on it, and of course, it can’t be called health food. It is also relatively high in calories and is pointed out as the cause of visceral fat accumulation. However, as the hidden effects of beer have become known, more and more people are looking for health foods made of human remaining in the beer manufacturing process.

Top 7 Health Benefits of Beer

Let’s find out what are the nutrients and effects of beer.

  1. First, it helps prevent hair loss. The yeast, the main ingredient of beer, is rich in vitamin b. In particular, Pantothenic acid, riboflavin folic acid, and biotin, which belong to the natural vitamin b group, are high. Among them, bot, in particular, is a very good ingredient for scalp and hair health by being involved in cysteine methanine, an amino acid sulfide required to produce hair tissue.
  2. Second, you can replenish various minerals. Beer contains inorganic ingredients such as magnesium potassium phosphorus and especially selenium, which has antioxidant and anticancer effects. Of course, no one would drink beer as a nutrient for these minerals, but beer contains a variety of nutrients, not just alcohol.
  3. Third, it lowers the risk of kidney stones. Beer releases urine well because 93% of it is water and it acts as a human being, and the breath that tastes beer delays calcium escaping from the bones, preventing kidney stones. In fact, studies have shown that beer drinkers are 41% less likely to develop kidney stones than those who do not.
  4. Fourth, it lowers the incidence of cardiovascular disease. This is the effect of alcohol in beer, and ingestion of a small amount of alcohol improves insulin resistance, lowers blood sugar, and activates the human antioxidant system to improve blood health. Studies show that women who drank beer 12 times a week had a 30% lower risk of heart attacks than women who drank other drinks.
  5. Fifth, it increase the strength of the bone. Materials such as silicon and orthosilicate in beer play a role in strengthening the charging. In particular, the stronger the taste of hops, the more these substances are supplied. In fact, even in the UK, people who drank one to two beers a day showed higher bone density in their hips and spine than those who did not.
  6. Sixth, it lowers the risk of developing diabetes. According to a study by Harvard Graduate School of Health, drinking one or two glasses of beer a day increases bile production, helps digest fatty foods, and lowers the risk of dysplasia. This is because beer increases the level of adiponectin, a hormone that lowers blood sugar and increases insulin sensitivity.
  7. The last seventh is stress relief. The greatest benefit of beer is, of course, stress relief. In fact, studies have shown that consuming alcohol can lower your heart rate and stress index by alleviating your body’s anxiety reactions.

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